Museum Project Update

The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History in Albuquerque, New Mexico has acquired the Jimmy K sail for incorporation into a display on its museum grounds. This museum is a Congressional chartered Smithsonian Institute affiliate. Through the generous and tireless efforts of the USS James K. Polk Veterans Association, the money necessary to transport and refurbish the sail has been raised, the memorial is now built, and the brick hardscape surrounding the sail has begun to grow.
The brick hardscape consists of two options: standard sized engraved bricks or engraved pavers. The pavers have sold out so only bricks are available. The cost of the bricks is $165.00
Both options can be engraved with your name & dates of service, purchased as a gift for a favored shipmate, engraved as a memorial to a shipmate on eternal patrol or just about any other thing you want.
The cost of the brick is a tax-deductible contribution and the Association pays the PayPal fee. The JKPVA is acting as the primary collection point for these contributions. 100% of the collected funds will be disbursed to the museum for this specific project.
To place an order, click here.
The JKPVA will place an order with the vendor once per quarter. Target dates are June, September, December and March
Please be aggressive in spreading the word to other Jimmy K shipmates and to the submarine community at large. Non-Polk sailors are eligible to have a brick placed at the sail memorial as well.
Together we can be a powerful force in helping to maintain and grow this valuable Cold War memorial.

Who is coming to the Reunion?

105 Registered (64 Crew) as of 9/19/18



Years Aboard


JKPVA Member Through

Ray Agnello 93-96 SSN Lifetime
Jerry Ameral 91-94 B/SSN
Joe Baker 90-93 B/SSN Lifetime
Irv Barlin 67-71 B Lifetime
Bob Barnes 89-92 B/SSN Lifetime
Matt Baumgarten 92-95 SSN Lifetime
Leman Booher 70-74 B/G Lifetime
Eugene Bovino 71-72 G Lifetime
Russell Bowie 77-80 B 2019
TJ Brown 96-99 SSN
Bob Browning 72-77 Blue
Bob Carleton 90-92 Blue 2018
Sam Champlin 77-81 Blue 2018
Joe Coen 87-90 B 2020
Larry Cox 82-84 B Lifetime
Tony Creson 88-92 B/SSN Lifetime
Steve Crowe 90-92 B/SSN
Dave Curtis 88-93 B
Barry Danforth 64-68 B Lifetime
Renzie Davidson 88-92 C/B
Dennis Devney 70-74 B/G Lifetime
Harold Frising 66-69 G Life
Bruce Garrow 68-71 G Lifetime
Lionel Gautreaux 90-94 B 2018
Scott Gerjets 88-93 B/SSN Lifetime
Jim Goins 80-84 B/G 2018
Mark Good 95-99 SSN
Marty Gray 88-92 B Lifetime
Myk Grzyb 88-92 B Lifetime
Kenny Gunter 87-90 B
Ed Hathaway 87-90 B Lifetime
Ben Huck 92-96 B/SSN Lifetime
Scott Jaklin 90-93 B/SSN
Clarence Jordan 68-71 G Lifetime
Robert Keel 68-73 B Lifetime
Ronnie Kerstetter 74-77 G 2018
Chris Kete 96-99 SSN Lifetime
Michael King 92-95 SSN 2018
Rob Lamarre 89-93 B/SSN Lifetime
Mike Lame 65-73 G Lifetime
Lou Leal 90-93 G/SSN Lifetime
Stephen Liebenow 87-91 B Lifetime
Harry Lieberman 64-68 G Lifetime
Joseph Lunn 65-69 B
Jack Mahaney 70-74 G/C/B 2020
J. Vinny McCrum 76-78 B Lifetime
Mike McGinn 94-99 SSN Lifetime
Guy Meadows 80-82 B/C Lifetime
Jim Miller 77-79 B
Ron Neal 90-92 B/SSN
Walter Newton 68-74 B Lifetime
Robert O’Neil 77-79 B 2018
Mike Owens 89-92 G/SSN 2018
Sam Pennington 88-91 B Lifetime
Kevin Rand 89-94 B/SSN 2018
Clyde Shinn 89-91, 95-96 B/SSN 2018
Doc Sills 64-70 B Lifetime
Thomas Slavin 78-81 B
Steve Smith 92-96 SSN
Michael Stocke 85-89 B/C/G 2018
Paul Talbot 68-69 B Lifetime
Steven Walton 71-76 B Lifetime
Burton Williams 96-99 SSN 2018
William Wilson 74-76 G Lifetime
Bold text indicates first time to a JKPVA reunion.

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