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Help Construct the JKP Museum Exhibit

Artist Rendering Polk ExhibitThe National Museum of Nuclear Science and History in New Mexico has acquired the Jimmy K sail for incorporation into a display on its museum grounds. The museum, a congressionally charted Smithsonian Institute affiliate, has asked the help of the USS James K. Polk Veterans Association in raising the money necessary to transport and refurbish the sail and develop this memorial. We have agreed.

To this end we have begun collecting tax-deductible contributions for the project. We are acting as the primary collection point for these contributions. 100% of the collected funds will be disbursed to the museum for this specific project.Artist Rendering of Polk Exhibit

The primary fund raising will be thru the sale of engraved bricks at $165 per unit. These bricks can be engraved with your name & dates of service, purchased as a gift for a favored shipmate, engraved as a memorial to a shipmate on eternal patrol or just about any other thing you want. The bricks will be used to outline the submarine-shaped memorial.

Our shipmate, Charlie Kotan, has visited the museum for us, talked extensively with the management & development teams, and executed due diligence on our behalf. Click here for his comments.

We are asking not only for your support and contributions but for your activism as well. Please give generously but also be aggressive in spreading the word to other Jimmy K shipmates and to the submarine community at large. Together we can be a powerful force in helping to get this valuable Cold War memorial erected.

Alrighty shipmates, we gotta raise approximately $105,000 to pull this off! So open up your hearts and open up your freakin' wallets! Every JKPVA member who buys a brick will get a free hors douvre at the next reunion, and every shipmate who donates who is NOT a member of the JKPVA will have a glass raised in his honor at the next reunion banquet! I ain't kiddin'! Now let's turn to and get crankin and these boys at the museum how real submariners get things done!     [Click Here to View the museum Site Plan]

USS James K. Polk SSBN/SSN 645 Memorial Project
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# of Bricks ($165 each):
 These will be used to outline the JKP sail memorial
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# of Paving Stones ($275 each):  
These will be placed in the outdoor walkway that guides museum-goers through the exhibits
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