Update from BOD – Hurricane Information

Okay folks,

In case you have been disconnected from the real world, we are about to have us a major hurricane steaming across the Gulf of Mexico. Ian is on a path towards the west side of Florida. Some of the models have this storm arcing to the east and passing over Jacksonville sometime around Thursday-Friday. Other models have it slamming into the panhandle. It really is too early to tell where this beast is headed. On the good side, we are receiving some serious intel from our own Senior Chief McGinn.

So, for right now, the party is on. The Board will be convening Monday evening to review the latest forecast. At that point, we will decide to either cancel, delay the start, or to continue monitoring. No one wants this reunion to be cancelled.

Therefore, the Captains Night Orders are, for all crew members to monitor the JKPVA website and decide what is best for you. This message will be updated tomorrow evening by 2100 hours.


Gino Bovino