Update – 26 SEPT

Good evening folks, 

As promised in our last update, the Board did convene this evening to discuss Hurricane Ian and the effect it may have on our reunion events this coming weekend. 

Based on the latest predictions that have come out from The Weather Channel, NOAA, and whatever super weather spy agency that McGinn is tapped into, we have decided to remain on-course: the reunion will commence at 1400 on Thursday. 

If you are having second thoughts on making the trip, you could come early and beat the bad weather on I-95. Several of the crew will be arriving on Wednesday afternoon so come join us early. 

Therefore, the party is on. If we need to alter the weekend’s schedule a little(museum tour is iffy), a notice will be posted on the website and sent out on our Facebook page as well, so stay in-touch. We have spoken to the hotel, and they are excited to have us. No one wants this reunion to be cancelled. 

Therefore, the Captains Night Orders are, “See you in Jax”. 


Gino Bovino